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"Technically Incorrect: Should Black People Play Pokémon GO?" - Black Enterprise - July 23, 2016

posted Jul 26, 2016, 9:24 AM by Anjuan Simmons
Should we be playing Pokémon Go in such times of crisis?

Yes, says Anjuan Simmons a software developer, speaker and author. “Yes, black people should play Pokémon Go. If we waited for peace and tranquility before we let ourselves experience fun little diversions, then we would never enjoy them,” says Simmons.

“Also, Pokémon Go encourages physical activity and socially exploring the real world, which is a nice alternative to sitting on couches playing video games all summer.”

“So, not only should black people play Pokémon Go, I think it is one of the best summer activities for black families.” Simmons says his daughter is an avid Pokémon Go player.

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