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The Definition of Done

posted Feb 25, 2015, 1:45 PM by Anjuan Simmons   [ updated Jul 21, 2016, 6:45 PM ]
One of the principles of Agile is the "Definition of Done".  This is a checklist of the things that must be satisfied before a user story is complete and ready to be deployed to customers. It's important that this include everything that needs to be complete before deployment from development to QA.

I found a great example Definition of Done on an agile Linkedin group I follow. It was submitted by Bruce K:

Bruce K.

Vice President Product Development @ QuadraMed

Everyone has or should have a definition of done. Here is one that I used: 

The purpose of a story is to deliver something of value to the business. So, in order for a story to be in the “done” status it must pass the following criteria. 

Feature Complete – A user can see and use the functionality outlined in the story. 
Code Complete – There is no tech debt that must be worked on in later sprints. 
Static profile, performance and security reviews/tests are complete. 
Code Review by Team Leader – All stories will be reviewed by your team lead (via Gerrit). They will be checking to make sure standards are followed. Standards in terms of architecture, code structure, and follow best practices. Code must pass this step before it is checked in. Please be sure to communicate about the code review with the reviewer to schedule this. This must be done TOGETHER. 
QA Complete – No bugs are open and QA or Team Lead has determined all story acceptance criteria are met. 
Approved by the Product Owner 
Production Ready – Code is buildable without errors and warnings and is deployable.