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Co-Locating the Product Owner and the Scrum Development Team

posted Feb 17, 2015, 12:05 PM by Anjuan Simmons   [ updated Jul 21, 2016, 6:46 PM ]
A question was asked in one of the agile development groups I follow on Linkedin. 

Do you think the presence of the PO in the same room will affect the Dev Team results? And how? 

Here is the response I posted:

It's vital the the Product Owner have a collaborative relationship with the Scrum Development Team. However, there is a natural tension in this relationship. The Product Owner wants to deliver as much value to customers as can possibly accomplished in a sprint. The Scrum Development Team wants to commit to only the amount of work that they can finish at a steady velocity. I don't think this tension is negative. In fact, it should be embraced. The Product Owner and the Scrum Development Team should overcome this tension through disciplined estimating of the Product Backlog Items being considered for the upcoming Sprint Backlog.

It's totally fine for the Product Owner to want the Moon and the Stars. However, it is the responsibility of the Scrum Development Team to estimate how much those celestial objects weigh. And that is best done through cordial collaboration whether the Product Owner is in the next room our somewhere else.